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Monday Inspiration

Hey there NaNoWriMo-ers! Hope everyone is cruising towards their word count goals! Recently I came across this quote from Walt Whitman: “The secret of it all, is to write in the gush, the flood, of the moment — to put things down without deliberation — without worrying about their style — without waiting for a fit time or...

Break through the block: shift forms

We're past the halfway mark, the end is in sight, anyone else feeling a little blocked? Here's a quick tip to help get those creative juices flowing again -- why not try a cheeky shift in form? Everyone's favourite sci-fi saga The Illuminae Files was a runaway success, in part because of...

Halfway there!

We're halfway through November, folks! How are we all travelling with our goals? Comment below! Does anyone have any questions that they're like to throw to thei fellow nanowrimo-ers? Any advice to offer as we head towards the finish line? Keep up the great work everyone!

Dig deeper: character dreams

How are we all going, NaNoWriMo pals? Working steadily towards those word count goals? Sometimes I find it useful to take a break from writing the story itself to spend a little bit of time with my characters, writing stream-of-consciousness notes about their quirks and the lives that they've lived. I...