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Break the block: change POV

Anyone got writer’s block already?

The dreaded scourge!

Never fear! We’ll be bringing you some A+ tips on how to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and doge past any blocks. I find that the best way to break through the block is just to throw something totally random at it and see what sticks!

If you’re a bit stuck, try changing point of view. Are you writing in third person? How would it feel to switch to first person? You might discover new things about your character that leads the story down a new, exciting path. You can then feed those discoveries back into your third person writing, or maybe stick with first person, or maybe even make the manuscript a hybrid third AND first person narrative?!

Still stuck? You could also switch from one character’s perspective to another’s. This is called alternating narration, and is a very popular style of writing. It doesn’t have to be in first person, you could be in third person but just shift narrative focus from your main protagonist to one of the other characters.¬†Game of Thrones¬†is written in this form.

Hope that helps! Got any questions? Concerns? Want to join this blog so you can post some of you nanowrimo work? Let me know in the comments!



I have 5 perspectives in my book. Probably a bad idea but I love all my characters equally <3

6th Nov, 18

at this point mine is a mixture of third and first person but I haven't decided whether it's someone watching her or if it really is just third person. that's probably terrible and I should sort it out but oh, well.

7th Nov, 18