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Break through the block: give in to the weird

Less than a week to go of NaNoWriMo 2018! We’re in the final stretch, but the threat of writer’s block is always looming.

Need a last-minute, quick-fix, sure-fire way to break through the block? Just give in to the weird. What’s the weirdest thing that could happen to your characters? Does their nose turn into a pear? Does their Mum turn up and ask for help with a bank robbery? Does a ravenous bear suddenly appear and chase them away, á la Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.  Think big and wild and totally out-there and just see where it takes you.

The ~weird happening~ might not make it to the final draft of your story, but giving yourself permission to do a bit of silly, weird writing might just jolt you back into the world of the story, remind you why you adore your characters, and leave you feeling reinvigorated and even more determined to finish the first draft.

Any other tips for getting through writer’s block? Let me know in the comments!