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Top tip: Let it go!

While editing is an essential part of the publishing process, the voice of our inner-editor can sometimes get in the way when it comes to getting our ideas onto the page. It is easy to feel paralysed when that little voice pipes up and tells you that there are plot holes to be filled and sentences that need reworking.

When you’re trying to write a whole novel in a month, there isn’t a lot of time for editing or redrafting. So it’s time to let go of you inner-editor and commit to word-vomiting your way to your nanowrimo goal!

This might seem counter-intuitive: we all want our work to be the best it can be, right? Just remember that this is only a first draft, and there will be plenty of time for editing and rewriting come December. So if you find yourself stuck on a passage that needs work just highlight it, leave a note for yourself, and move on.

If you’re finding it hard to turn your inner-editor off, maybe set yourself a challenge and ban the backspace key. Your manuscript might be riddled with typos, but it guarantees that every idea you have will make it onto the page, giving you lots to work with when it comes time to edit.

Plus, by shutting off that little voice, you can dedicate more of your creative energy towards generating new ideas: you never know where it might lead you (and your characters)!




This is really helpful!!
also, M O R I A R T Y

6th Nov, 18

To be honest I almost ever edit my work and if I do it's usually very little. I'm not big on editing I personally HATE doing it! It just ruins the rest of the book for me which is why I always do it last

6th Nov, 18